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Toronto New Home and Condo Sales are up 123% in April

Following last month’s explosion in search and purchase requests from Toronto condo buyers, GTA new home and condo sales are up 123% from April of 2018. 

New Condo Market Rebounds in April 2019

According to Altus, high-rise condo sales are up 137% from April 2018, as well as low-rise sales, up 81%. 

GTA Condo Sales Year in Review April 2018-2019

Considering, April’s increases in both purchase requests and sales, CondoNow user insights have reported a 20% increase in purchase requests in May of 2019 from May of 2018. Could this continued wave in interest indicate another potential sales surge? Let us know what you think.   

*Above Statistics are based on 3+ million users, 100K+ Purchase Requests, 32+ Million Pageviews, and an averages session time of 3:57 minutes.   

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