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Agent of Change

There are over 38,000 real estate agents in the GTA alone.

Sadly, finding a qualified, knowledgeable AND customer service oriented agent amongst that group can often become an exercise in frustration.

Today however, there is some good news. Real change is upon us.

CondoNow and its proprietary Matchmaking technology have seriously disrupted the old “pick a number” agent selection process. Gone are the days of calling an agent at random and hoping for the best. With CondoNow and this new technology in place, customers are being matched with a whole new level of premium, service-orientated agents.

The UBER-AGENT has arrived

This new group of “UBER Agents” could very well be the best agents in the industry. Yes, this is a bold statement. But the technology and track-able accountability doesn’t lie.

CondoNows’ UBER Agents’ posses proven track records of providing the highest quality of customer service, they often speak multiple languages, and they are servicing customers quickly and with skill.

If they don’t, they simply don’t remain in the UBER grouping. UBER-AGENTS are 100% accountable for their response and their service.  This ensures CondoNow customers are dealing with nothing but the best and brightest agents.

The power of CondoNow Matchmaker

The Matchmaker program that selects and manages the UBER Agent groups is simple in its objectives yet sophisticated in design and execution.

First the best agents are hand picked from the top brokerages that specialize in the condo market. These agents are then specially trained and agree to adhere to the highest levels of customer service.

From this point on, the real power of technology kicks in. The algorithm interacts with every action necessary to serve the assigned client, supports the agent in delivering that service and holds the agent further accountable should the service fall short.

Taking it a step further, Matchmaker can connect customers directly with the developer should they so choose. Consumers can also follow a development online, receiving automatic updates should they not yet be at the point of being ready to buy or needing agent assistance.

Feedback drives continuous improvement

Consumer feedback and reviews are also a critical part of the Matchmaker program. CondoNow is continuously gathering consumer feedback on both overall processes and independent service levels to further improve agent-customer interactions.

The Customer always comes first

Commission levels and developer relationships also often bias independent agents.  Causing them to push specific developments for which they are recruited to sell. This means customers may not get the full picture of available condos and may miss out on the best condo for their individual needs.

CondoNow is by design completely unbiased. All new condo and town-homes across the GTA are listed regardless of the commission levels. This provides the complete picture of new condo availability across the entire GTA. Allowing customers to make informed, smart choices specifically based on THEIR OWN individual needs and wants. Free of agent preference.

A Better Buying Experience

Buying a pre-construction condo is a little different then buying move in ready. For a consumer that doesn’t have experience buying new, getting accurate and up to date information, along with solid advice is an important first step in the buying process.

CondoNow’s goals are to make the condo buying experience enjoyable and stress free and to help consumers make better, more informed buying decisions.

This is accomplished by providing the most accurate and detailed information in the industry, offering robust search and compare tools and by connecting consumers to the best, most informed service oriented agents in the business.

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