How can I purchase or sell with a CondoNow Certified Agent?

1. Submit an info request about a project on CondoNow.

2. Connect with a CondoNow Certified Agent through MatchMaker.

3. Purchase or sell a condo or home from a property qualifies (most do).

I’m not sure if I qualify, should I register anyway?

Yes, register and our team will work with you to verify if you qualify.

BottomLine Rewards FAQs

CondoNow’s Matchmaker is a sophisticated algorithm that connects you to the best and most qualified agent that has direct access to the property, speaks your preferred language, and is readily available. MatchMaker is used every time you register or submit for more information on CondoNow.

In some situations, you might. For example, if a friend or family member registered for you. It’s easy to register and we will work with you and check to see if you qualify.

Yes! We thank you for your purchase and want to offer you your rewards. Register your info and someone from our team will verify your rewards.

No, but the person who purchased the condo may qualify, as long as they used the same CondoNow certified agent.

Yes, as long as you used a CondoNow Certified Agent for each purchase, you are eligible to receive awards for each.

Agent Related Questions

Certified agents are invited to join CondoNow, they are the best in their field and come in for additional training. Only the best of the best are CondoNow Certified Agents.

Only CondoNow certified agents or members of their team will be first to respond to your enquiries. Other agents are not certified to respond to your enquiries.

Yes! You can only claim rewards from us directly, your agent cannot do it for you.

Yes, as long as the agent that referred you is a CondoNow Certified Agent and you eligible.

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